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O’Fallon Township High School Jazz Ensemble

I was asked by the band director from O’Fallon Township High School to donate my time to take photos for their 4th Annual Evening of Dinner and Live Jazz. This auction will be benefiting the O’Fallon Township High School band programs. The evening will be featuring a local Jazz musician Dawn Weber and Joe Metzka a teacher at O’Fallon Township. This is a very worthy cause with thousands of dollars raised to promote this talented group of high school students and the band program.

Check out their web site at www.othbands.com

Here are the 2 posters that are being used to promote the auction.

This is Shea Kreft who was a Class of 2013 spokesMODEL for us. She is a super young woman and extremely talented.



The next poster is of Dawn Weber and Joe Metzker. Two very talented musicians.

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Family Photography St. Louis

How wonderful when families entrust me to create a family heirloom through a family photo. Here are a few of our families that came in for our late fall sessions.
The Wunderlichs have been long time clients of mine and come to me every year for a holiday card. I look forward to their family portrait session every year and love to see how each one or their sons have grown throughout the year. I can’t believe their oldest Robbie is a junior at John Burroughs. I think he was only 5 when I first photographed them at Chesterfield Day School.

I photographed The Amann’s wedding several years ago and the children’s infant photos. This year they came with Dad (Michael) and I will say they have a feisty crew.

The Cohen’s came to me after purchasing our donation of a St. Louis Family Portrait Session and Wall Portrait from an auction this year.

The Steeles chose a Fall Foliage Session with their adorable teens and cute little dogs. I photographed Hannah’s senior photos and have a beautiful album of her images on display in my studio.

The Jermacks came to me on a very, very cold late fall morning for their family portrait. I will say “Baby, It was Cold out There”!

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St. Louis Wedding Photography

Yes, I have been nudged back into wedding photography. I photographed Jessie and Ian’s wedding on a 107 degree day last Saturday. Jessie and Ian were terrific and the heat really was not that bad. My son Timothy was the second shooter on this amazing wedding day and was so much fun to be with. Jessie and Ian’s St. Louis wedding photography was a fun filled day.

I started at the Chase with Jessie getting ready and Timothy went to the Pedroli household to capture Ian getting ready. We then went to the Basilica for a beautiful ceremony and then to Villa Duschene (Jessie’s high school) for fun photos. Jessie and Ian wanted some photos at the Arch – so we quickly took some photos in the 107 degree heat. And then back to the Chase for a beautiful and fun reception.

Redbird was the surprise guest of the evening. He stayed and entertained the guests. I have never seen so many cameras at one event.

The evening ended beautifully with a few last shots.

Wedding Vendors
Flowers – Bloomin Buckets
Cake – Sweet Peas

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St. Louis Wedding Photography

I am back in the saddle photographing weddings. I had retired from wedding photography but circumstances in our business now have me me back into St. Louis Wedding Photography. I was a bit apprehensive about photographing Melissa and Mike’s wedding. But they are so nice I felt at ease immediately. It actually felt great to be back in the wedding photography world.

We started out at their church Canaan Baptist Church for a beautiful ceremony and then for fun photos down at the St. Louis arch. And while we were downtown we swung by Busch Stadium. We ended the day at The Falls in Columbia, Illinois.

Here is a sneak peek of a few of my favorite images.

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Family Portrait Fashion

Every time we schedule a client for a Family Photo Session I always get asked what should our family wear? It is very hard for me to explain fashion over the phone so I came up with a little Family Portrait Fashion. These images are just guidelines. The trend is to blend fashion and colors. Matching is not in anymore. But blending of colors and styles is the best for Family Portrait Fashion.

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Meet our Class of 2013 spokesMODELS Part 1

Our spokesMODELS are the first to partake in all our new and different techniques. If it does not work on a spokesMODEL than we know we will not try it out on any of our senior clients. But if a spokesMODEL loves it than we will definitely offer it to our clients. As an artist, I am always striving to better myself as a photographer. I am always exploring different lighting techniques. Lighting is such an important part of a photograph that we use several different lighting styles to create a very pleasing image. Natural light is not always the best option. It may be the cheapest option but it may not always sculpt a body to create a desired image. On each model we used new and different types of lighting including several lights, reflectors and shaders in all of our outdoor and indoor images.

Posing is also key to a great photograph. Posing does not have to be stiff but I pride myself on bringing out the best feature in each one of my seniors. And sometimes just a little twist or turn or the placement of a leg or foot can make or break an image. No one has a perfect body but it is my job to make sure that each senior looks their best.

All of our spokesMODELS are good students and involved in activities in and out of school. Every year I am amazed as to how caring, thoughtful, and involved our models are. Every spokesMODEL is a paying client but by representing Nordmann Photograpy each spokesMODEL has the opportunity to earn discounts on their senior photos and cash rewards. They believe in our product and truly appreciate the Nordmann quality and are willing to shout out about us.

We are so excited to shout out about our 32 spokesMODELS representing 14 local high schools.

Meghan Bach from John Burroughs

Session – Safari to Forest Park
Hobbies : Swimming
Favorite Subject:  Physics
School Activities:  THIMUM
Favorite Magazine:  People
Person I would Most Like to Meet:  Kate Middleton
Favorite Foods:  Ice Cream

Lily Butterbrodt  from Parkway North High School

Session – Garden/Studio
Favorite Subject:  Chemistry
School Activities:  Cheerleading, Choir, International Club
Favorite Magazine:  People
Person I would Most Like to Meet:  Taylor Swift
Favorite Food:  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Cassie Dace from Cor Jesu

Session – Garden/Studio
School Activities:  Cheerleading
Favorite Subject:  Literature
Favorite TV Show:  Pretty Little Liars
Favorite Food:  Spaghetti
My Favorite things in My Closet:  My Red Dress and My Shoes

Elizabeth Darrell from Whitfield

Session – Garden/Studio
Favorite Subject:  English
Favorite Magazine:  Seventeen
Favorite Food:  Pizza
Favorite Book:  Harry Potter
Person I would Most Like to Meet:  Hillary Clinton

Ciara Day from Rockwood Summit

Session – Safari to Baskin Farms
Hobbie: Equestrian

Kylee Fink from O’Fallon Township

Session – Studio/Garden
Favorite Book:  The Great Gatsby
School Activities:  Marching Band and Winter Guard
Favorite Subject:  Biology
Favorite Musician:  Adelle
Favorite Food:  Chocolate

Theo Franks from John Burrough

Session – Safari to Soulard
Plays Soccer for John Burroughs

Laura Gentry from O’Fallon Township

Session – Garden/Session
School Activities: Marching Band, Lacrosse
Favorite Subject: English
Favorite Food: Ice Cream
My Favorite thing in my Closet: My running shorts
Favorite Book: Hunger Games

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Timothy and Becky’s Wedding

Last Saturday, March 17th, my son Timothy and Becky Winka got married. We had been looking forward to this special day for a very long time. Becky is a fantastic person and fits perfectly into our family.

We started off the festivities with the Rehearsal Dinner at Maggie’s Lunch Box. Maggies is located in the heart of Fenton’s industrial and business center.  This adorable cafe/bakery outdid themselves on the food.  The food was absolutely delicious.  We played an adorable slide show of Timothy and Becky growing up that always brings tears to a mom’s eyes.

Saturday the skies opened up and let loose with a ferocious rain storm. I have not seen rain like that in a long time. I knew right away that our wedding photographer, Susan Jackson, would not be able to take the wedding party anywhere for outdoor photos. So off to Andre’s West everyone headed for indoor photos. We were very pleased with Susan. Not only is she a fantastic photographer but she is also a good friend. She was so kind and nice to everyone and a trooper for putting up with all the Nordmanns.

Andre’s West was very accommodating. The reception hall was beautiful. And Becky’s table decorations added a nice personal touch. The hostess of the evening was very gratuitous and helpful.  And you can always count on Andre’s for a good meal.  My husband John was Timothy’s best man and outdid himself with a beautiful toast to the bride and groom.

Millenium Productions was the DJ service for the evening. The music was terrific and was enjoyed by everyone.  The dance floor was always filled with guests partying the night away.  I will say that my grandson Cameron was the best dancer of the evening.

Nordmann Productions was the videographer.  That is Timothy’s videography company specializing in weddings, corporate and sporting events. Phil Betts was the videographer, filling in for Timothy who was busy getting married.  Phil was so kind to be around and was very unobtrusive.  We appreciated that he did not use any blaring lights.  We haven’t seen the video yet but I know it will be amazing.

If you are interested in viewing all of the images of the evening go Nordmann Photography’s web site. Go to Client Log In and the Event is Nordmann and the password is BT. I am warning you there are a lot of photos to view. Here are a few of my favorites.

The Beautiful Bride

The Handsome Groom

The Nordmanns

Just Married

Becky and Timothy

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Senior Photography in St. Louis

It is that time of year again when we are gearing up for our St. Louis senior photography season. We will soon be featuring on our web site all of our Class of 2013 spokesMODELS. We have been very busy finding new locations to photograph at, new backgrounds to create and new lighting techniques to use. We are always trying to improve ourselves here at Nordmann Photography. I am very excited about all of our spokesMODELS. There is still time to be a Class of 2013 spokesMODEL by filling out this ONLINE APPLICATION. We are still photographing our spokesMODELS but here are some of my favorite images taken so far of each spokesMODEL.

Gabby Grossberg from Parkway North

Kelly Wertenberger from Ursuline Academy

Kimmie Klopenstein from O’Fallon Township

Melissa Tychonievich from Webster Groves High School

Madison Thorpe from Ursuline Academy

Dana Sell from Webster Groves High School

Shea Kreft from O’Fallon Township

Sami Thomas from Webster Groves High School

Annie Hartwig from Westminster Christian Academy

Adalie Schmidt from Incarnate Word

Brian Meyer from Webster Groves High School

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A Creative Father

On my blog posts I have never mentioned my parents. They were both 1st generation immigrants from Italy. My father from the southern part of Italy and my mother from the northern part of Italy. They were both professional musicians and played in the Chicago Symphony. That is where they met. They were very proud Italians who worked very hard. They gave up their music careers to start and provide for a family. They owned an Italian Restaurant in Evanston, Illinois, Michelini’s Restaurant.

But today my blog is about my father. A very talented man. Today my nephew shared this link on an article about my father when he was inducted into Loyola Academy’s Hall of Fame a few years ago.

I remember these times so well when he would be carrying his camera to all of my brother’s football game. He would go to all of my brother’s football practices and every game. He always had his camera in tow. He was a true artist when it came to film. I think this article speaks for itself.

Athletic Hall of Fame – Member Profile

Mario Camastro


Six days a week you would find him working at his restaurant, Michelini’s, on Foster and Maple in Evanston. At least until 8:30 p.m. when the customers were shooed out and the doors were closed, and it was time for his nightly steak and martini with his wife, Maria. But on Sunday afternoons, Mario Camastro was stationed at the top of a press box or, in a pinch, on the roof of a truck, his film camera aimed at the Loyola football Ramblers. Through scorching heat, through wind, through rain, or through snow, Mario was there. Tireless, reliable, committed, disciplined, generous – Mario was a prince of a man, a true friend to Loyola, its coaches, and its players. Mario actually began filming games at nearby St. George where his son, Paul, played for Coach Max Brunell and his two young assistants, Frank Amato and Tom Powers. With the announcement of the imminent closing of St. George, he enrolled his youngest son, Carl, in Loyola and volunteered his services to Bob Naughton and his staff. For thirteen years, he filmed the games, drove to the old shop at Ogden and Grove to have the film developed, then delivered it to the Loyola coaching staff. Mario demonstrated tremendous pride in his work, staying for the Monday film session to ensure the comprehensiveness of the films for the coaching staff. He never missed an assignment in those thirteen years, and never took a dollar for his work. Mario, at times, took considerable risks to film the game, once hazarding to stand on the roof of the Soldier Field press box amidst an ice and snow storm in order to the get the best shots of the action. And he did get the best shots. Mario worked hard to get it all right, to get the proper timing, the correct angle, the most helpful vision of the field. Tom Powers recalls more than one college recruiter taking the time to note that Loyola’s game films were easily the best in the Catholic League. Mario did more than film the games. He was there for people. Mario hosted pre-game meals for the team at his restaurant on Sunday mornings. He took care of underpaid and underfed coached and there wives with steak dinners on the house. Once, when St. George would not allow a post-season banquet for the football team, Mario hosted one himself after graduation. He was there for people. The coaches that depended on him remember Mario Camastro with admiration and fondness. Frank Amato recalls “a good-hearted man…a giver, not a taker” who was there the time Coach Amato had to get back to New York and his dying father, and didn’t have the plane fare to get there. Tom Powers knew him as a “loyal parent and a loyal friend, a genuine man, a true booster of the Academy and its players.” He was truly a Man for Others. Mario died suddenly in 1983 following heart surgery.

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Jenny & Craig-St Louis Wedding Couple

One of our wonderful wedding couples is featured in the current issue (February 22, 2012) of Town & Style Magazine. Congratulations to JENNY & CRAIG. Below are the images from their spread in the magazine. To read their story click HERE then go to page 27.

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