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Looking Back on 2012 with Family Photos

2012 was a great year for Nordmann Photography. It is now time for me to share some of our favorite family photos from the past year. So here we go.The Bardowels came to me on a very warm and sunny morning this early fall. This adorable young family could not have been more fun to photograph.

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Social Media

I am so overwhelmed with social media. It has taken over my life. Facebook is all consuming but I love to keep up with my friends, family and customers to see what they are up to. I don’t post much on my personal Facebook page – just when inspired to do so – but will comment or “like” other friends comments. But our business pages – now that is another story. We have our business page Nordmann Photography that has to be attended to daily for our high school senior photography. We have another Facebook page Nordmann Portraits reserved mainly for children’s photography and family portraiture. Then we have Nordmann Weddings dedicated to all of our future and past brides. For the people wanting video we have Nordmann Video. Ok and I know this is getting ridiculous but how can we forget about our Sports Photography – Nordmann Sports. Oh and we can’t forget our latest endeavor and recent facebook site for the women who want to bring the sexy back into their lives Boudoir Black Diamond.

So I think I created a monster with all of these different pages but my justification is that we do have different audiences. I never want to bore people with Boudoir Photography if they were just interested in High School Senior Photography. Would a bride be interested in sports photography over wedding photography? So not only am I a photographer but also a social media designer and writer. Wait – I never signed up for this job as a social media guru. All I ever wanted to be was a photographer.

Stay tuned for tomorrows blog. I will be talking more about social media and time wasters such as Twitter, Instagram and now Pinterest. And guess who is wasting her time with all the above?

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Gnome Fun

Our grandaughter Hadley last Halloween came to our studio for a fun Gnome shoot in our studio garden. She was definitely playing the part of a garden gnome since she just saw the movie Gnomeo and Juliet. It was fun to see Hadley act the part.

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