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Cover Model Marisa Nicastro

Every year I run a contest to see who will grace the cover of our Senior Magazine. The contest is run through social media – mainly Facebook and Instagram. This year Marisa Nicastro was our winner with the most “likes” on Facebook and Instagram. Marisa is a senior at Cor Jesu academy. The fun thing is that Marisa’s sister, Francesca, was our cover girl in 2013. And her cousin Carina Marion was the 1st runner up in 2014 and graced the back cover our our magazine. The Nicastro family is just adorable and so much fun to be around. We have a lot in common – especially our Italian heritage.

Marisa was just adorable on her model shoot. She was photographed in my new studio. The image that is on our front cover was photographed with natural light with the main light coming through our warehouse garage door. Her laughter in this images brings so much happiness to me. Her outfit was spot on and the hat added a lot of dimension to the photograph. Here is the link to Marisa’s other images from her model session.

The front cover of our magazine this year has a different look than in the past. I am excited about our new look and very proud of Marisa.
senior magazine st. louis

Here is the front cover from the Class of 2014 with Marisa’s sister Francesca gracing the front cover. Two beautiful and fun loving sisters.

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Senior spokesMODELS-Part 4

Paige Randazzo

senior photographers st. louis 028

Paige attends Lafayette High School and is on the Golf Team.  Her favorite class is Culinary.  Paige loved reading The Fault of Our Stars and likes to watch Gossip Girl.  Her favorite magazine is People.  And her favorite movie is The Proposal.  She likes to eat at Charlie Gittos and enjoys strawberries and cupcakes.



Tessa Varvares


senior photographers st. louis 029 Tessa attends Whitfield School  and her favorite subject is Biology and is on the Cross Country and the Track teams. . Her favorite book is Catch 22. She likes to read Seventeen Magazine. Her favorite TV show is New Girl and enjoys shopping at Kate Spade. She would most like to meet Alexi Pappas.

Natalie Wagner

senior photographers st. louis 030

Natalie attends Ursuline Academy. Her favorite book is The Outsiders and her favorite movie is Anchorman 2. Natalie’s favorite store is Apricot Lane. Her favorite comedian is Bob Saget. She is most proud of going to South Africa on an exchange program.

Sydney Wilhelm

senior photographers st. louis 031

Sydney attends Webster Groves High School and is a cheerleader. Her favorite subject is Photography. She is involved with the Cheerleaders, DECA and the Choir. She enjoys playing the guitar. Her favorite book is The Last Song. Her favorite comedian is Ellen. She likes to eat at Flemings.

Mike Hill

senior portraits st. louis 021

Mike attends Eureka High School  and his favorite subject is Science.  His favorite book is Monster. He enjoys reading Sports Illustrated magazine. His favorite comedian is Kevin Hart. He enjoys watching Family Guy. His favorite store is Finish Line. He excels at  Football and  Track at Eureka.

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Senior spokesMODELS-Part 3

Lydia Kneemueller

senior portraits st. louis 024

Lydia Attends Lafayette High School where she is involved in Tennis, Renaissance and Young Life. Her favorite subject is Math. Her favorite movie is The Notebook and she enjoyed reading This Lullaby. She likes eating at the Cheesecake Factory while her favorite store is Francesca’s.
Lydia was our runner up Cover Model.

Alex Martin

senior portraits st. louis 025


Alex attens Webster Groves High School where her favorite subjects are Physics and Child Development.  She is on the Cheerleading Team.  Her favorite book is The Great Gatsby and she likes to read Teen Vogue. Alex is invovled in the Pep Club and DECA. Her favorite restaurant is Three Monkeys and favorite musician is John Mayer.

Abbey Perano

senior photographers st. louis 026

Abbey attends Cor Jesu Academy and her favorite subjects are English and Writing. Her biggest accomplishment has been maintaining her GPA at 3.5 every semester. Her favorite magazine is People and she likes to eat at Brio. Her favorite comedian is Jimmy Fallon.

Kelsey Ponder

senior photographers st. louis 027

Kelsey attends St Joseph’s Academy. Her favorite subject is Science.  She is a goalie for the  soccer team that won state.  She also plays softball.  Her  favorite book is The Great Gatsby.  She enjoys reading Seventeen Magazine and her favorite TV show is Gossip Girl. She likes to eat pizza and listens to Luke Bryan.

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Senior spokesMODELS-Part 1

Cassie Breiten

senior pictures st. louis 015

Cassie attends Lafayette High School and is on the Varsity Lacrosse and Cross Country Teams. Her favorite subject is Language Arts.  Titanic is her favorite movie. Her favorite food is pizza and she enjoys PF Changs as well. Her favorite thing in her closet is her red pumps.

Hope DeRouse

senior pictures st. louis 016

Hope attends Webster Groves High School and is a Cheerleader.  She is involved in the Pep Club and Young Life. Her favorite subject is Marketing and her favorite book is The Great Gatsby. She likes shopping at Nordstroms and listens to Justin Timberlake. She enjoys reading Teen Vogue and watching The Goldbergs.

Ariana Desai

senior pictures st. louis 017

Ariana Attends MICDS and her favorite subject is English.  Her favorite book is The Great Gatsby. She enjoys reading Seventeen Magazine and her favorite TV show is Revenge. Her favorite comedian is Kevin Hart. Her favorite movie is The Hunger Games.  Ariana loves strawberries.

Kate Hanson

senior pictures st. louis 018

Kate Attends MICDS and her favorite subject is French. She belongs to the Tobacco Free MICDS and is also involved in Fencing. Her favorite book is Into The Woods. Her favorite TV show is The Carrie Diaries and her favorite movie is Anchorman. She would most like to meet Mariel Zagunis.

Kate is our Class of 2015 Cover Model.

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White on White Session

I have fallen in love.  My dear friend and fellow photographer Susan Jackson shared this great lighting technique.  I loved it when she showed me her images.  I tried this new lighting with a few of my Class of 2015 spokesMODELS.  Wearing a white shirt really adds to the dimension of the images.    I started out with Alex Martin from Webster Groves High School.  I think she looks amazing.

senior pictures st. louis st.louis senior photos


I then continued with Hope DeRouse also from Webster Groves High School.  What a great look Hope has.

st. louis senior photographer2285st. louis senior photographer2286


And I finished up the day with Kate Hanson from MICDS.  A true model look.

1173786_10152685852515299_524747732_n  st. louis senior photos


I am in love with this session.  I think this will be our most popular session for the Class of 2015.

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Carina Marino – Class of 2014 spokesMODEL

Carina Marino is a Class of 2014 spokesMODEL for us. She has talked about us to all of her friends and shouted out about us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She did a mini commercial for us on You Tube about what it meant to her to be a spokesMODEL-click HERE to view the commercial.. In other words, Carina did absolutely everything I asked her to and went above and beyond.

Carina is a current senior at Cor Jesu Academy and very involved. She is in the National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Admissions Ambassador and Benin Babies. Her favorite book and movie is The Lucy One. Her favorite comedian is Jimmy Kimmel and she loves to read Seventeen Magazine. Carina’s favorite restaurant is Pizza – a – Go-Go. And her favorite subject is Spanish. Her favorite store is Dress – Up – Boutique – and her clothes are absolutely adorable. One of my favorite things about Carina is that she loves participating in the Italian Culture (I am 100% Italian). Go Italy!

With Carina’s enthusiasm and hard work, she brought in several clients to us. And I will be forever grateful to her and all her hard work.

For Carina’s FREE senior session. She chose to a Safari – The Streets of Soulard. I wanted to show off her album – which comes from Italy – and her amazing images. The album starts out with her Rising Star Session, then her Model session, then her Cover Model Session and then her Senior Session.

Click HERE to view her album.

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