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Family Photography St. Louis

How wonderful when families entrust me to create a family heirloom through a family photo. Here are a few of our families that came in for our late fall sessions.
The Wunderlichs have been long time clients of mine and come to me every year for a holiday card. I look forward to their family portrait session every year and love to see how each one or their sons have grown throughout the year. I can’t believe their oldest Robbie is a junior at John Burroughs. I think he was only 5 when I first photographed them at Chesterfield Day School.

I photographed The Amann’s wedding several years ago and the children’s infant photos. This year they came with Dad (Michael) and I will say they have a feisty crew.

The Cohen’s came to me after purchasing our donation of a St. Louis Family Portrait Session and Wall Portrait from an auction this year.

The Steeles chose a Fall Foliage Session with their adorable teens and cute little dogs. I photographed Hannah’s senior photos and have a beautiful album of her images on display in my studio.

The Jermacks came to me on a very, very cold late fall morning for their family portrait. I will say “Baby, It was Cold out There”!

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me. I am not going to get all gooey and tell you how thankful I am for everything and everyone in my life – but actually I am. I just want to say how much I love my family. We are a very close knit family. We love being together. We are supportive of one another. We talk to all the kids almost on a daily basis. Except for Paul who loves to text me. I could not have asked for better daughter-in-laws and my son-in-law – (known as “The Others”). Our children did well when choosing their spouses.

We have 3 amazing and very adorable grandchildren. We have the king – Cameron – who is now 14 – 6′ 2″ drop dead gorgeous, a superb athlete, a great student and one of the nicest kids you will ever meet. We then have the prince – Timothy – who is in 1st grade, a hoot to be around, a shy boy and a kind and endearing child. And then we have the princess – Hadley. Hadley is so adorable and quite the chatter box. In one moment she can be persnickety and the next moment she will melt your heart.

And today would not be complete with out a shout out to my husband John – who is my right hand man – and I never give him enough credit for what he does for me.

So on Sunday we got together to celebrate my birthday. I wanted to take a family photo so we could include our newest daughter-in-law Becky on our wall. I set the camera on a tripod, set the camera on timer and ran back into the picture. But I was always too slow. So my son Timothy and grandson Cameron came to my rescue. And this family portrait will proudly hang on our wall.

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