1/2 off Senior Session Sale!

Get 1/2 off on any session. This sale ends late tomorrow, May 23rd.
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Custom Framing




We have been custom framing our photographs for the last 15 years for our clients and are now offering this service to all.

Nordmann Photography will preserve your family pictures or vacation memories for future generations to enjoy by using archival framing materials which will insure their original quality or prevent them from further damage. Photos of special places, friends and family are keepsakes. Handmade needlework, wedding, sports, military service and other memorabilia are often forgotten and left in a drawer or closet. Let us frame these wonderful mementos for your home, office or for family gifts so they will be appreciated for years to come.Our design studio have a vast array of choices in matting and framing.

There are thousands of frame and mat combinations to choose from, so the design possibilities are unlimited. You can mix and match colors and styles to create frame designs to accentuate the best attributes in any piece of art. We are committed to customer service. You will receive personalized creative design service, quality workmanship, reasonable prices and replacement at no extra cost if any part of the picture framing job does not completely satisfy you. We believe that making a sale is only the beginning of a relationship, not the end of one.

Call Lisa today at 314.962.5900 to setup your personal consultation.

Check out this cute little video.


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The Class of 2013 Favorite High School Senior Photo

The people have spoken and the 2013 Favorite Nordmann Photography Senior is Lafayette Senior Kelly Shaw. Congratulations on so many likes on facebook. It is very obvious that Kelly Shaw is very well liked – no pun intended. Kelly received a $100 Visa gift card AND her image will be hung in a special place in our studio. Kelly is a member of the Lafayette Dive team and was one of our Class of 2013 spokesMODELS.

Congratulations again Kelly on being the Nordmann Photography’s Favorite Senior!

senior photos st. louis1675

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Class of 2013 Favorite Senior Photo Contest

Please help us choose our favorite Class of 2013 senior photo. We want you to choose your favorite high school senior photo from our Nordmann Photography Facebook Page

The senior that has the most “likes” will win a $100 gift certificate (Visa Card) and we will create a wall portrait to be displayed in our studio.

The “likes” start now. We will announce the winner on Monday. I just can’t wait to see who the FAVORITE CLASS OF 2013 high school senior photo is.

The voting ends Sunday at 6:00.

grad photos missouri1113

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high school senior pics 329









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st.louis senior photos

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O’Fallon Township High School Jazz Ensemble

I was asked by the band director from O’Fallon Township High School to donate my time to take photos for their 4th Annual Evening of Dinner and Live Jazz. This auction will be benefiting the O’Fallon Township High School band programs. The evening will be featuring a local Jazz musician Dawn Weber and Joe Metzka a teacher at O’Fallon Township. This is a very worthy cause with thousands of dollars raised to promote this talented group of high school students and the band program.

Check out their web site at www.othbands.com

Here are the 2 posters that are being used to promote the auction.

This is Shea Kreft who was a Class of 2013 spokesMODEL for us. She is a super young woman and extremely talented.



The next poster is of Dawn Weber and Joe Metzker. Two very talented musicians.

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Family Photography St. Louis

How wonderful when families entrust me to create a family heirloom through a family photo. Here are a few of our families that came in for our late fall sessions.
The Wunderlichs have been long time clients of mine and come to me every year for a holiday card. I look forward to their family portrait session every year and love to see how each one or their sons have grown throughout the year. I can’t believe their oldest Robbie is a junior at John Burroughs. I think he was only 5 when I first photographed them at Chesterfield Day School.

I photographed The Amann’s wedding several years ago and the children’s infant photos. This year they came with Dad (Michael) and I will say they have a feisty crew.

The Cohen’s came to me after purchasing our donation of a St. Louis Family Portrait Session and Wall Portrait from an auction this year.

The Steeles chose a Fall Foliage Session with their adorable teens and cute little dogs. I photographed Hannah’s senior photos and have a beautiful album of her images on display in my studio.

The Jermacks came to me on a very, very cold late fall morning for their family portrait. I will say “Baby, It was Cold out There”!

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Looking Back on 2012 with Family Photos

2012 was a great year for Nordmann Photography. It is now time for me to share some of our favorite family photos from the past year. So here we go.The Bardowels came to me on a very warm and sunny morning this early fall. This adorable young family could not have been more fun to photograph.

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me. I am not going to get all gooey and tell you how thankful I am for everything and everyone in my life – but actually I am. I just want to say how much I love my family. We are a very close knit family. We love being together. We are supportive of one another. We talk to all the kids almost on a daily basis. Except for Paul who loves to text me. I could not have asked for better daughter-in-laws and my son-in-law – (known as “The Others”). Our children did well when choosing their spouses.

We have 3 amazing and very adorable grandchildren. We have the king – Cameron – who is now 14 – 6′ 2″ drop dead gorgeous, a superb athlete, a great student and one of the nicest kids you will ever meet. We then have the prince – Timothy – who is in 1st grade, a hoot to be around, a shy boy and a kind and endearing child. And then we have the princess – Hadley. Hadley is so adorable and quite the chatter box. In one moment she can be persnickety and the next moment she will melt your heart.

And today would not be complete with out a shout out to my husband John – who is my right hand man – and I never give him enough credit for what he does for me.

So on Sunday we got together to celebrate my birthday. I wanted to take a family photo so we could include our newest daughter-in-law Becky on our wall. I set the camera on a tripod, set the camera on timer and ran back into the picture. But I was always too slow. So my son Timothy and grandson Cameron came to my rescue. And this family portrait will proudly hang on our wall.

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MOPPA Print Competition

I am putting myself out there with showing these images before they get judged. Every year I ponder over what images through out the year that I have taken would be worthy to enter into a print competition. It was hard to narrow it down to 6. But after much thought I decided on the following 6 images. I am a believer when entering prints in a competition that they come from a paid session. Every one of these images was purchased by my clients and was photographed this year. One of the rules for print comp is to title the images which I feel is the hardest things to do. But here goes.

1.  Dancing Attic (Shelby Swanner from Columbia High School)

2. Drumming Statesmen (Brian Meyer from Webster Groves High School)

3. Fashion Alley (Alex Lambrecht from Marquette High School)

4. Want a Ride Sally? (Paul Recenielo from Webster Groves High School)

5. Urban Chick (Madison Thorpe from Ursuline Academy)

6. Fountain of Youth (Shea Kreft from O’Fallon Township)

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St. Louis Senior photography – Lisa is Back!

This has been a very busy summer. And I feel very guilty for ignoring my Blog. St. Louis Senior Photography is dear to my heart and a very important part of my business. You can always see my work on Facebook.  I am diligent about posting my images for all of our  senior clients.

But I did want to share a few of my favorites from this very busy summer.  I am going to start with Gabby Bernier from Ursuline Academy.  Gabby is a volleyball player at Ursuline.  I love incorporating something from an athlete in their photos.  Gabby came to her session with some very cool outfits.  I loves her accessories that always add to the final image.  And of course she came with a great personality.

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