Questions Most Asked About What We Do

1. What do I get for the $60 shooting Fee?
The $60 shooting fee covers the photographers time and processing for the event we are photographing.
2. How many photographs will you take of my child?
We attempt to get at least 50 good photos of your child.  These photos will include action shots during the game and some sideline images.  The amount of photos will vary with playing time and positions played.
3. How many games will you go to?
The $60 shooting fee is a one time fee that covers all the games that we may go to for a particular team.  Depending on how many athletes we need to photograph from one team determines how many games we will attend.  The more athletes from a your team that sign up, the more games we will cover.  If only one athlete signs up, then we will most likely be at only one game.
4. What if my child does not get into the game you are at?
We will make every effort to photograph a game that your child participates in.  In most cases, several games are photographed.  Your child will most likely play in one of those games we are at.  If your child does not get into any game we are at and we fail to photograph your athlete, your shooting fee will be refunded.
5. When can we preview the photos?
When we have finished photographing the sporting events your child has participated in and we are satisfied that we will not be photographing any more games your child will be participating in, you will be contacted through email or a phone call to set up an appointment to come in and preview the photos.  Normally this is towards the end of the season.
6. What type of products do you offer?
We are best known for memorable collages.  You choose your favorite photos and we mat and frame them along with any information or accolades that you want included.  We also offer custom posters and photo albums and print packages.