Family Portrait Info

St. Louis family photographer, Lisa Nordmann, will put every family member at ease for a memorable family photograph.  Family pictures taken by St. Louis photographer, Lisa Nordmann, will become an heirloom piece to be in your family for generations to come.  Getting a family together for a portrait can sometimes be stressful.  Her relaxed approach to family portraiture will certainly make this time a memorable experience.

Clothing – Clothing can make our break your heirloom portrait.  All members of the family should coordinate in style and color.  Small prints can coordinate very well with solid colors.  Keep everyone’s sleeve lengths the same, as bare arms will detract from the portrait.   Capri pants are very fashionable but tend to cut the leg off at an odd angle in a seated position.  Long pants are more suitable.  Keep in mind that coordinating outfits is more pleasing than matching outfits.  Shoes should reflect  and complete your outfit.  Keep in mind that white socks will definitely stick out.

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