Business Portrait Info

What to Wear for Business Portraits

Once you have been scheduled to sit for a business portrait you should think about the image you want to portray.

Choose clothing and accessories that convey the message you want to convey in the portrait.

Choose an outfit that you would normally wear to a meeting with your best clients. Business clothing creates a professional look to the portraits; perfect for company or personal profiles.

Choose clothing colors that flatter your skin tone.

Choose a color that is different from your hair tone, especially if you have longer hair as the two will blend together in the image if they are too similar. The key here is to draw the attention to your face rather than your clothes. Pick darker colors and solids rather than busy patterns. Black, brown, blue, grey, red photograph best. Avoid wearing too much white or other very bright colors as they will overpower your face.

Avoid wearing an outfit that may appear dated after a few years. Tailored suits made from fabrics such as wool or linen photograph well and tend not to wrinkle. Single breasted jackets lay better and look neat and tidy in portraits.

Stick to a suit and shirt that fit well, if they are too tight or too loose it will show in your portrait. Wearing a light colored shirt by itself will wash out your face, so make sure to wear a jacket with your shirt. For a more casual look you could wear your jacket open with a polo shirt or sweater underneath.

Make sure that you are cleanly shaven; if you have an afternoon shoot and have a heavy beard shave mid way through the day to avoid the “five o’clock shadow” effect.  If you have a beard, make sure it is trimmed neatly.

Metal jewelry works best. If wearing a necklace make sure it is short and follows the same neckline as your blouse. Earrings need to be separated from your hair as much as possible. Brooches are fine but they need to be of a decent size so they are clearly defined in the photograph.

Wear your usual daily make-up. If you don’t usually wear make-up or would like to achieve a natural look in your portrait be sure to apply a little foundation to even out your skin tone. Adding a little mascara, blush and lipstick will enhance your features and also minimize imperfections.

If you normally wear glasses then you should wear them for your portrait.