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Class of 2013 spokesMODELS Part 2

Here is our second grouping of spokesMODELS for the Class of 2013 and some of their favorite things.

Helen George – Webster Groves High School

Session – Garden/Studio
School Activities: Choir, Theatre, Thespians
Favorite Magazine: Seventeen
Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings
Favorite Comedien: Tina Fey
Hobbies: Reading, Cooking, Singing, Writing

Gabby Grossberger – Parkway North High School

Session – Garden/Studio
School Activities: Peer Teaching, STARS, FBLA, Special Olympics, Relay for Life
Favorite Subject: Science
Favorite Book: A Walk to Remember
Favorite Movie: My Sisters Keeper
Musician: Carrie Underwood
Person i would like to meet: Oprah Winfrey

Gabby Harris MICDS

Session – Safari at her home and Garden/Studio

Mary Keathley-Ursuline Academy

Session – Studio and Safari to Sand Volleyball pit
Hobbies: Volleyball
Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Food: French Fries
Favorite Book: Lord of the Flies
Favorite Thing in my Closet: My Shoes

Kimmie Klopfenstein – O’Fallon Township

Session – Safari to City Museum

Gabby Korte – Oakville High School

Session – Safari to Forest Park
School Activities: Soccer
Favorite Subject: Science
Favorite Food: Cinnamon Bagels
Favorite Store: Dick’s Sporting Goods
My Favorite Thing in My Closet: Nike Tennis Shoes

Troy Korte – Oakville High School

Session – Safari to Forest Park
School Activities: Soccer, Hockey, Golf
Favorite Subject: History
Favorite Food: Fruit
My Favorite Thing in My Closet: Ties
Person I Would Most Like to Meet: Selena Gomez

Shea Kreft – O’Fallon Township

Session – Safari to Soulard

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Meet our Class of 2013 spokesMODELS Part 1

Our spokesMODELS are the first to partake in all our new and different techniques. If it does not work on a spokesMODEL than we know we will not try it out on any of our senior clients. But if a spokesMODEL loves it than we will definitely offer it to our clients. As an artist, I am always striving to better myself as a photographer. I am always exploring different lighting techniques. Lighting is such an important part of a photograph that we use several different lighting styles to create a very pleasing image. Natural light is not always the best option. It may be the cheapest option but it may not always sculpt a body to create a desired image. On each model we used new and different types of lighting including several lights, reflectors and shaders in all of our outdoor and indoor images.

Posing is also key to a great photograph. Posing does not have to be stiff but I pride myself on bringing out the best feature in each one of my seniors. And sometimes just a little twist or turn or the placement of a leg or foot can make or break an image. No one has a perfect body but it is my job to make sure that each senior looks their best.

All of our spokesMODELS are good students and involved in activities in and out of school. Every year I am amazed as to how caring, thoughtful, and involved our models are. Every spokesMODEL is a paying client but by representing Nordmann Photograpy each spokesMODEL has the opportunity to earn discounts on their senior photos and cash rewards. They believe in our product and truly appreciate the Nordmann quality and are willing to shout out about us.

We are so excited to shout out about our 32 spokesMODELS representing 14 local high schools.

Meghan Bach from John Burroughs

Session – Safari to Forest Park
Hobbies : Swimming
Favorite Subject:  Physics
School Activities:  THIMUM
Favorite Magazine:  People
Person I would Most Like to Meet:  Kate Middleton
Favorite Foods:  Ice Cream

Lily Butterbrodt  from Parkway North High School

Session – Garden/Studio
Favorite Subject:  Chemistry
School Activities:  Cheerleading, Choir, International Club
Favorite Magazine:  People
Person I would Most Like to Meet:  Taylor Swift
Favorite Food:  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Cassie Dace from Cor Jesu

Session – Garden/Studio
School Activities:  Cheerleading
Favorite Subject:  Literature
Favorite TV Show:  Pretty Little Liars
Favorite Food:  Spaghetti
My Favorite things in My Closet:  My Red Dress and My Shoes

Elizabeth Darrell from Whitfield

Session – Garden/Studio
Favorite Subject:  English
Favorite Magazine:  Seventeen
Favorite Food:  Pizza
Favorite Book:  Harry Potter
Person I would Most Like to Meet:  Hillary Clinton

Ciara Day from Rockwood Summit

Session – Safari to Baskin Farms
Hobbie: Equestrian

Kylee Fink from O’Fallon Township

Session – Studio/Garden
Favorite Book:  The Great Gatsby
School Activities:  Marching Band and Winter Guard
Favorite Subject:  Biology
Favorite Musician:  Adelle
Favorite Food:  Chocolate

Theo Franks from John Burrough

Session – Safari to Soulard
Plays Soccer for John Burroughs

Laura Gentry from O’Fallon Township

Session – Garden/Session
School Activities: Marching Band, Lacrosse
Favorite Subject: English
Favorite Food: Ice Cream
My Favorite thing in my Closet: My running shorts
Favorite Book: Hunger Games

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